Rhythm of the fall: area marching bands prepare for 2017 season, part 2


CULLMAN COUNTY – The 2017 high school football season is upon us, and football teams have been working out and preparing for weeks. But others have been preparing as well: our area high school marching bands, who have been working through the stifling heat of late summer, learning drills, memorizing music and getting pumped for the new season.

The Tribune is spotlighting all our area bands, and will present two at a time in the coming days, sharing a little sneak peek at what band fans can anticipate this year.

In this second installment, we hear from Christopher Smith and Ty Parker, band directors at Cullman and West Point, respectively.

Cullman High School Marching Band, led by director Christopher Smith


113, including 36 color guard, majorettes, and dance team

Drum Major:

Jessika Franks

Musical theme:

“The Living Tapestry”

“The show will begin with ‘Tapestry,’ which is a symphonic piece from the Epcot Millennial Celebration that begins with only a small portion of the ensemble playing, but then reaches a climactic finale that features the entire band and a special presentation from the visual ensemble.  The band will then perform ‘Caravan,’ which is an exciting jazz chart originally performed by the Duke Ellington Orchestra that features our percussion section.  For the middle selection, the band will perform a lyrical symphonic piece called ‘Into the Light’ that will feature the brass and woodwinds.”

What’s the wow factor this year? 

“We will conclude the 2017 show with ‘The Dirty Boogie,’ which is an exciting and fast-paced big band swing tune that will fill the stadium with sound, color and excitement.”

What do people need to know about your band that no one may have asked yet?

“The Cullman Bearcat Band will be traveling to Orlando, Florida in November to perform in the Festival of Fantasy Parade in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. During the trip, the band will visit all of the Disney theme parks and other attractions in the Orlando area.”

West Point High School Marching Band, led by Ty Parker



Drum Major:

Katie Coleman

Musical theme:

“Dance to the Music!”

What do people need to know about your band that no one may have asked yet?

“The West Point Warrior Band has grown significantly since last year and is the largest student organization in Cullman County.  We look forward to creating a fun atmosphere for the community on Friday nights.  Be sure and check out the Arts Department at West Point (www.westpointperformingarts.org) for information concerning upcoming concerts and plays!”

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