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Students perform at Seed-Harvest’s 2017 spring concert. / Seed-Harvest Music Academy on Facebook

Edited 7-24-17 to update age ranges and pricing.

CULLMAN – After unveiling an orchestra and jazz band for homeschooled students earlier this month, the Seed-Harvest Music Academy will debut new and revised classes for older students as well as children starting in August. The academy will have three brand new classes for interested families to choose, as well as an upgraded Sprouts 2 class.

The changes to the Sprouts 2 class (for 3-5-year-olds and 6-9-year-olds) have moved the focus from general music and dancing to alternating between specific musical sections each semester. Each semester will be four months of focusing on the different instrument sections like percussion, brass and woodwinds.

Here are the new classes the academy will be unveiling:

-String Beans: class for ages 3-7 focusing on orchestral string instruments like violin, cello, viola, etc.

-Special needs class: will help children with autism, dyslexia, physical impairments and other disabilities learn to play instruments

-Junior guitar ensemble: for new guitar players ages 8 and up, including teenagers and adults; counterpart to the senior guitar ensemble (which is for players with 3+ years of experience)

Married owners Micah and Brittany Simpson aim to open more opportunities to younger students, as young children have higher neuroplasticity and are more likely to retain the music lessons better than children who didn't start until age 10. Their goal is to have the students start when they're younger, graduate through the levels of lessons, then be able to receive music scholarships by the time they're 18.

All classes meet once a week, and costs are measured by month. The Sprouts 2 class is $40 per month (3-5-year-olds) and $50 per month (6-9-year-lds) (ask about the sibling discount), the junior guitar ensemble will be $40, and prices haven't been set for the String Bean or special needs class, but they will likely hover around $40 per month.

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