Fairview’s 16th annual Freedom Celebration: small town delight


The fireworks display capped off a day of fellowship at Fairview Community Park. / Heather Mann

FAIRVIEW – The community of Fairview, like many across the country, held a 4th of July celebration on Tuesday. Despite less than pleasant weather soon before, the 16th annual Freedom Celebration flourished at Fairview Community Park and showed what a real small-town community celebration looks like.

There was something for people of all ages. Younger children bounced in inflatables, casual games like horseshoes were available to whomever wanted to play and live music from local artists filled the air. A Southern gospel band called The Potentials kicked off the music with a series of rhythmic, old-time church songs, as well as a few patriotic songs and a silly tune about possums for variety.

Temperatures reached uncomfortable levels, so many of the sponsors helped combat the heat by handing out free water, popsicles, ice cream and fans. Many attendees didn't even have to look for a booth to get a treat; volunteers or workers walked around handing out the popsicles and ice cream to people in their seats. Fairview First Baptist, one of the Freedom Celebration's platinum sponsors, also gave out free food as well as icy treats.

And of course, there were fireworks. When the sun went down, everyone in town could see the spectacular display.               

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