Good Hope council talks road repairs, plans back-to-school bash

City of Good Hope

GOOD HOPE – Good Hope's latest city council meeting started off on a positive note with the financial report showing that excise taxes have finally been received, and the meeting stayed simple and efficient. Councilman John Harris reported that the audit of the council had started and that all the members would need to fill out the forms before they left the meeting. Councilman Maxie Jones said that he was pleased with the repairs to Lindsey Road and Doc Clemmons Road, but there were some complaints about Reid Road being rather sloppy and uneven.

Jones also brought up possible projects for the future. The first was an old, unused water tower in Smith Lake Park. The owner of the property asked for a donation from the city to have the tower sandblasted and painted with the names and logos of sponsors, with Pepsi being one of the first. Jones also mentioned a type of veterans’ memorial that he saw in Arley, and he suggested doing the same thing to honor Good Hope's local veterans.  The memorial would be a series of banners on the sides of power poles, each bearing a veteran's name, picture and where he or she served. The council saved both ideas for later consideration.

Councilwoman Susan Eller had nothing to report.

Councilman Greg Brown reported on the City’s annual back-to-school bash. After going back and forth on possible dates and overlapping events, the council tentatively set the date for Thursday, July 27, and stated they will consider food and entertainment choices later.

Councilman Taft Dillashaw alerted the council that the city will be hosting the youth softball state tournament this weekend, which he says promises a very busy ballfield area.

After all the topics on the agenda were addressed, Mayor Jerry Bartlett opened the floor to public comments again before adjourning. One attendee mentioned that Rock the South had brought a huge surge in business for several of the local shops. Many of the concert attendees came to Cullman by way of the Good Hope interstate exit, and many business owners benefited greatly from the extra traffic.

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