West Point council mulls development of new subdivision

Heather Mann

The West Point Town Council discusses development projects at this week's meeting.

WEST POINT – With plans to increase housing in the area to accommodate new businesses and residents, West Point's Town Council sat down for a lengthy discussion this week about the possible development of a new subdivision. From the Cullman Association of Realtors, Beverly Hinkle and Realtor Scott Edmondson were in attendance, with Hinkle passing out reports to council members detailing demographics of potential homebuyers, average home prices and the current lack of housing inventory in West Point compared to the projected growth in Cullman County.

After Hinkle went over the reports and briefly explained what some parts might mean for development projects, several maps and plans showing the lots for the proposed subdivision were shared. The property to be developed would be divided into 26 lots, with the houses on the lots approximately 2,500 square feet. However, depending on what the conditions are and what specs the council wants for the road, the number of lots could be reduced to 20. The price for each lot would depend on how the council wants to develop the road, since adding features like curbs and sidewalks would increase the property value.

The group discussed power and natural gas, saying those utilities for the proposed subdivision were taken care of, but acknowledged that there are still issues with the sewer line that need to be resolved. The council engaged in extensive deliberation on what to do, and although many suggestions were discussed, no solid conclusion was reached at the May meeting.

While on the topic of development, plans for a new Subway restaurant were shared. While he is still waiting for the area to be inspected and the building's size to be confirmed, the owner said he is very eager to start construction. Several members of the council were optimistic about the restaurant, especially for the possible donations it would make to the school.

In old business, the town’s second storm shelter, located at the fire station, is almost complete. All that's left is paving the parking lot. There will be an open house for the fire station/storm shelter, with the date tentatively set for Saturday, June 17. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony as well as a luncheon.

Under new business, there was still more talk of development. A new medical clinic is hoping to open in West Point, and they need workers and a building to work from. Economic developers have been looking to see where the clinic could set up, while town attorney Dan Willingham discussed different possibilities for financing the set-up and paying the workers.

In reports, Mayor Kenneth Kilgo requested that the council hold a special meeting next week to discuss and finalize the details of the new turn lane on Highway 157. The date so far is TBA.

The West Point Town Council meets on the third Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at West Point Town Hall. The public is welcome to attend.

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