Tommy Tuberville addresses graduates of Sheriff’s Citizens’ Academy

W.C. Mann

Former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville and Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry

CULLMAN – On Tuesday evening, former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville came to Cullman to address the new graduating class of the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Citizens’ Academy.  More than 50 graduates were present at the ceremony, and more than 70 completed the course.

According to Sheriff Matt Gentry, the academy “gives them good insight on their deputies and the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, from riding with deputies, to the detention center, to investigation; just a good overview of what our deputy sheriffs do out in Cullman County.  And it brings the citizens and deputies together, and they get to know each other and become one.”

Tuberville said he was happy to be part of the event.

“I’ve had relatives that were in the police force,” he shared, “and sheriffs and deputy sheriffs, so I like doing this stuff.”

The coach also addressed talk of his gubernatorial interests, “I’ve decided not to run.  I sat down with my family this week, after three months of investigating, talking to people all over the state, and having a good time.  I feel like I could do the job, but when we had a change in governor from Governor Bentley with Kay Ivey moving in, I think she’s going to deserve more than a year to get her plan through.  She’s got a good staff and she’s a good person, so that made a lot of difference.”

Gentry opened the graduation ceremony, with a few remarks.

“We (the CCSO) are only as strong as our community,” he said.  “And I will tell you this: from the shootings in Dallas to today, we have the greatest citizens in the state of Alabama.  We have citizens that come out and support their law enforcement officers; they love us, they take care of us, they feed us.

“One of the things we’re blessed with is that, when we do our community events, we just have an outpouring of support; and I love to see all the support that we have here tonight.”

Tuberville delivered the keynote address.  He focused on a list of

Three Things That:

    Once gone, can never come back – time, words, opportunity

    Can never be lost – peace, hope, honesty

    Are must-haves – love, self-confidence, friends

    Are never certain – dreams, success, fortune

    Make a person – hard work, sincerity, commitment

    Destroy a person – alcohol/drugs, pride, anger

    Are always consistent – Father, Son, Holy Spirit

“It all starts with family,” Tuberville concluded.  “It all starts with encouragement.  No matter what religion you’re in, you need to be a part of it.  You need to be a part of something that makes you grow spiritually inside as a person, as a human being.  And if you’ll do that, things’ll get a lot easier.”

Citizens’ Academy graduates who received certificates during the ceremony:

David Andrews, Rick Anthony, Melissa Bailey, Debbie Black, Robert Black, Gina Bradley, Ralph Bryson, Darina Butler, Brandi Chaffin, Ashley Chambers, Vicky Fisher, Glenda Gay, Roland Gay, Shelia Gentry, Patricia Gilliland, Sarah Gillis, Edward Hart, Nathan Haynes, Melissa Henderson, Connie Jacobs, Diana Jeffreys, James Jeffreys, Carol Jenkins, Ferrell Jones, Keith Jones, Warren Jones, Kathy Mainer, Brandon Martin, Vickie Martin, Alva Marty, Carol Marty, Latitia McBrayer, David McPherson, Jeanette McPherson, Tristan Miller, Harold Mosteller, Randy Nails, Laura Nichols, Alexander Orono, Tyler Pendergrass, Wendell Peterson, Barbara Phillips, James Phillips, Barry Plunkett, Jonathan Plunkett, Misty Pugh, Barbara Resplika, Pamela Rice, Jerry Roberts, Monica Rodello, Penny Rogers, Charlotte Samples, Linda Schaffer, Shirley Sibley, Kenneth Smith, Austin Tillman, Aaron Walters, Ava Willoughby, Jerry Willoughby

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