What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Andrew Cryer

Top row, l-r: Blake Wilhight, Wilson Blaylock, Joshua Mentzr and Cheryl Powell

Bottom row, l-r: Tony Waldrop, Michelle Milsap, Delitha Marchman, Nancy Harrison and Karen Campbell

CULLMAN – It’s New Year’s Eve, and people are reflecting on the year past; “New Year, New Me” appears to be in full swing. We visited the Cullman County Courthouse on Friday to find out what people from throughout Cullman County plan on changing in 2017, besides the calendar, of course.

We interviewed 10 people, at random, asking, “What are your New Year’s resolutions?” and all respondents included improving themselves in some way. In the wake of 2016, many individuals stated to, “improve my relationship with God.” Four of ten respondents responded in such a manner. 

Better health, and improved relationships were on the minds of four respondents. Whether it was quitting smoking, a general goal of losing weight or simply planning on living a healthier lifestyle, improving one’s body was a popular response. Besides improving physical health, respondents also plan on improving their emotional health. Michelle Millsap is one such respondent, and she has subjectively ambitious resolutions. Millsap told us she wants to “be the best mom, teacher and friend that I can be.”

Cullman County District Attorney Wilson Blaylock went beyond personal goals, and has set resolutions in a more professional light. Amid budget cuts to the district attorney’s office, Blaylock said his resolutions are to “maintain services and speedy and reasonable prosecution of cases that we have to deal with.”    

What’s YOUR resolution?

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