What do teenagers want for Christmas?

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CULLMAN – The holidays are upon us, and yet again we do not know what to get. If you have a teenager that you are buying for this year, fear not; we have a list of suggestions that are sure to make this holiday season memorable. A simple random survey of 20 Cullman High School students brought us into the mindset of an average high school student, just weeks before the final sales will be made for this holiday season.

Gifts for teenage girls followed an expected outcome; new purses, puppies, books and jewelry are at the top of many sampled girls’ lists this year. Humorously, ACT classes were mentioned in hopes of getting an acceptable score for college. I’d recommend going shopping with your child in the near future, and getting a taste of what their style is if you wish to get them jewelry, purses or clothes. As far as books are concerned, I’d suggest allowing your child to make a list of series or standalones that they wish to read. For pets, check out the Cullman County Animal Shelter on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cullmancountyanimalshelter.

More items girls like this year are makeup kits (think Ulta), bath bombs, graphic watches and virtual reality headgear for smartphones.

Gifts for teenage boys didn’t exactly fit the stereotype in our sample. Male students tended to want new shoes, vehicle parts or improvements and money to make the gift decision for themselves. Although it’s a bit impersonal, you can never go wrong with a prepaid card or cash.

More items boys are into include virtual reality headgear for smartphones, wireless speakers and computer accessories.

If you choose to stick to a more traditional approach, I’d suggest getting your child to make a list of their own for their top items this season.    


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