Thanksgiving Countdown Corner Nov. 11: Do-ahead list

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Countdown Corner

If you have ever waited until the last minute to do your Thanksgiving shopping, you know the strain that comes when you put everything off for too long. Your holiday doesn’t have to be so stressful! Check out our “Thanksgiving Countdown Corner” at this time daily to get ideas about how to plan ahead in order to make this a holiday free of stress, with time to do things in advance, making your holidays a lot less hectic.

Here is a daily countdown until Thanksgiving that will take a lot of that stress out of your life, giving you time to actually enjoy your family at this special time of the year.

Friday, Nov. 11:

  • Make out your grocery list tonight. Look over your recipes, plan your menu, and make sure you have everything in stock, or on your list.
  • Tomorrow, go grocery shopping. It always surprises young cooks that it takes a couple of days for a turkey to thaw in the refrigerator. Make sure to buy one with a pop up timer; it makes a lot of difference!
  • Also, plan to buy whole chickens if you intend to make the dressing for your family gettogether.
  • When you get home, after putting away your purchases, boil your chickens until tender. It’s lots easier to season them at this point, so add salt, pepper, chopped onion and bouillon cubes (optional).
  • Boil gently until tender, making sure to stir frequently to prevent scorching your birds. When the meat falls off of the bone, it’s time to take them off the stove and put the chicken into a colander to cool enough to shred.
  • When cooled, pull chicken from bones, being careful to extract even the smallest, most fragile ones. Retain broth.
  • When completely cooled, place chicken in a tightly covered container, cover with broth, and place in the freezer until the night before you intend to use it.

Be sure to check this corner for more timely tips as we count down the days until Thanksgiving!      


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