Bronco sports and band honor seniors

Chelsea Lambert

Image: Holly Pond High School senior Michael Lambert with his parents, Tony and Jennifer Lambert at Senior Night, Oct. 21, 2016

HOLLY POND – Friday, Oct. 21, was an important evening at Holly Pond High School, and not just because of a big game.  This night also belonged to a special group of students.  Before the game that could see Holly Pond's recently "0-and-oh-so-many" football team fall in line for a playoff berth (look for that story), the school honored the seniors of its sports programs, cheerleaders and band.  They are:

  • Ashton Beasley, a two-year varsity cheerleader
  • Matthew Cahoon, with one year in football and four in track & field
  • Jose Casimiro, a two-year football player
  • Tyler Dover, a three-year band member
  • Jacob Drane, a three-year cross country runner
  • Tanner Duke, a one-year football player
  • Savannah Fortner, a one-year football player
  • Jason Foshee, a four-year football player
  • Jake Harbison, a three-year band member
  • Hannah Harris, a one-year band member
  • Haley Higginbotham, with one year in volleyball and four in track & field
  • Trey Hill, a four-year football player
  • Caleb Jones, a four-year football player
  • Michael Lambert, a four-year football player
  • Shelby Lynn, with four years in both volleyball and cross country
  • Heather Mann, a four-year band member
  • Mason May, with two years in football and four in track & field
  • Jarrett Miller, with three years in both football and track & field
  • Dylan Morton, a three-year football player
  • Zachary Naler, a four-year football player
  • Jesse Norris, a four-year football player
  • Colton Patterson, football team manager for three years
  • Macy Ray, a three-year majorette
  • Todd Schwab, with three years in football, and four in both cross country and track & field
  • Taylor Shelton, a four-year band member
  • Allie Smith, a four-year band member
  • Romey Suryono, with three years in football and four in track & field
  • Marissa Swimelar, a four-year band member
  • Taylor Tankersley, a four-year volleyball player
  • MacKenzie Weaver, a four-year band member
  • Karissa Wilcutt, a four-year band member
  • Jacob Wilson, a four-year football player

Holly Pond High School extended its thanks to all the parents and families who have loved and supported these students through the years, and the program concluded with these words: "Our communities and the country have a real need for men and women who want to make a difference.  We feel that you, the Seniors of 2017, can be the ones who will make that difference."


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