Bulldogs clinch region 7 in runaway win over Meek


ADDISON– The Addison Bulldogs claimed the region 7 throne Friday night in a backyard beating of rival Meek, 50-14.          

The game was tied at halftime, 14-all, with Meek seemingly set for the upset win. Addison sputtered through the first half with an offense that had yet to settle down. Meek scored first on a blocked punt from Thomas Heath. But in the second half Addison came out swinging. On the second play Chandler Cookenmaster broke free on a 56-yard run for a touchdown.  From that point on Addison locked down the game.          

“They didn't want it. Meek wanted it (the win) and I told them that. I told them at halftime either you’re going to want it or they are going to take it,” said David Smothers, head coach of the Addison Bulldogs. “We made some changes in the second half. One kid I do want to mention is Jackson Carrol.  We put him in at guard and he hammered his man and watched him all the way down field.”           

The Bulldogs trounced the Meek defense with 314 total yards of offense. They rushed 284 yards on the ground and passed for 30 yards. Chandler Cookenmaster rushed 101 yards for one touchdown. Zeb Maze rushed for a total of 56 yards and one touchdown and three 2-point conversions.  Zayne Guthrie had 45 yards rushing and two touchdowns. Quarterback Noah Rice was 2 of 4 for 30 yards.          

Addison has great talent at many positions. They spread the ball around in a fashion that allows multiple players to score. Their ground game is a solid foundation supporting the team. The Bulldogs used a bit of trickery in their 2-point conversions and goal-line offense. It employed offset backs and false centers, with dashes of backwards laterals.

It was a solid win for a solid team.


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