Broncos bring it home


HOLLY POND – Two weeks ago, the Holly Pond Broncos beat the Susan Moore Bulldogs for a 3-1 record. After a bye week last week, the Broncos came back home for a homecoming game against the Asbury Rams. The Broncos have not won a homecoming game since 2011. Tonight that all changed, when Holly Pond shut out Asbury 54-0.

The stadium was alive and buzzing as the Broncos dominated the first quarter. Four touchdowns – all with extra points thanks to kickers Todd Schwabb and Savannah Fortner – gave Holly Pond a solid lead, and the Broncos prevented the Rams from scoring at all by forcing points and turnovers. At the end of the first quarter, the Broncos led the game 28-0.

The second quarter continued much like the first, with Holly Pond forcing more turnovers and maintaining a perfect kicking game. Another touchdown, with an extra point from Schwabb, put the Broncos at 35 points. A bad snap gave the Broncos two more points, and a series of penalties against Asbury followed by the second TD of the quarter (with an extra point) ended the quarter with a score of 43 for Holly Pond and zero for Asbury.

The third quarter started with the Holly Pond stands cheering on their newly-crowned homecoming queen and their team recovering a fumble by Asbury. However, while the fans increased their fervor, the Broncos slowed their onslaught. Holly Pond only scored three points in this quarter with a field goal kicked by Schwabb, but they still refused to relent enough for Asbury to score. The Rams' frustration grew to the point where one of their players had to be ejected for a personal foul.

The fourth quarter added to the Broncos' score with another touchdown, this one by Kyler Chaney, and an extra point by Fortner. Despite their extreme advantage, Holly Pond's players were relentless in their tactics to keep Asbury from scoring.

The Broncos ended the game at 54-0 and are now 4-1 on the season, while Asbury is 0-5.


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