CCCDC meets, awards $72,000 to local nonprofits

Sharon Schuler Kreps

CULLMAN – A regular Cullman County Community Development Commission (CCCDC) meeting was held on Tuesday night at the Good Hope City Hall. The CCCDC is an organization that supports all nonprofits in Cullman County through grant funds.

The floor was open for comments from visitors who were not on the night’s agenda, and the following requests were made:

  • Paige Hamm, a teacher at Fairview Middle School, requested money for a new security system for Fairview Middle School.
  • Eric Allred, Garden City maintenance manager, requested money for boreholes to help control water flow.
  • Elaine Fuller, from the Cullman County Museum, requested money for marketing, staging and merchandise for the Oktoberfest Committee to use for this year’s Oktoberfest.
  • Heath Yearwood, principal at West Point High School, requested money to resurface the school’s track. He also represented the Town of West Point.
  • Jerrell Crook requested money to go towards the new Cold Springs Community Center. He said the money would be used to finish the parking lot and to purchase a generator and air conditioning unit.
  • Gwen Parker requested additional money for the Cullman County Veterans Celebration.

After the financial report was discussed and approved, the commission announced which projects would be receiving grant monies.

Grants awarded for this month were:

  • Request # 384 – Oktoberfest Committee was awarded $12,000.
  • Request #413 – West Point Track Paving Project was awarded $12,000.
  • Request #409 – Logan Volunteer Fire Department was awarded $12,000 for a new parking lot.
  • Request #421 – Sardis Volunteer Fire Department was awarded $12,000.
  • Request #416 – Cold Springs Community Center was awarded $12,000.
  • Request #418 – City of Hanceville was awarded $12,000 to repair the city’s rec. center.

Request #420 – A Wallace State Community College Speaker Fee request, was denied.

Commission members in attendance were Bill Strandlund, Joe Golden, Josh Speakman and Bradley Williams.

The next meeting is set for Tuesday, Sept, 15 at 6 p.m. at the North Alabama Agriplex. The location is tentative. The CCCDC’s website will have the finalized meeting place in the coming weeks. (

Grant applications can be filled out and submitted online at