Cullman boy receives diabetic alert dog after almost year long wait

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Charity Hembree

CULLMAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) – Last July Lucas Hembree began raising money for a diabetic alert dog and this past weekend his dreams finally became a reality.

On April 21, 2015, Lucas was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. 

According to his mother, Charity Hembree, Lucas does not notice or recognize when he has symptoms of blood sugar fluctuation, which is why he has to have his sugar checked so often. This is where his new diabetic alert dog will make such a difference. 

Diabetic alert dogs are trained to alert someone to help when their owner's blood sugar gets too high or low. The dog also protects their owners at night, when their blood sugar can drop drastically.

The dogs can alert to high and low blood sugars up to 45 minutes before the reading on a glucose monitor would show, retrieve third party support and bring food and medicine, insulin or juice. 

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The family began a GoFundMe account and set up several fundraisers throughout Cullman County.

Several people from all over the world reached out to the family letting them know how their story touched them and how they have been through the same thing.

After months and months of fundraising, Lucas was finally able to put the down payment on his dog.

Saturday Lucas' wait was finally over. He picked up his new best friend named Dune.

Dune has already been alerting Lucas and his mother when his sugar is getting high or low. 

When school starts in the Fall he will join Lucas for his classes and stay by his side making sure he stays safe.

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