Community Profile: Jeremy Hogan, founder and CEO of SFW

Jeremy Hogan
I have found that by giving my time and energy to helping America’s heroes, I have gained a peace and strength that I have never felt before.”
Jeremy Hogan


Photo: Jeremy Hogan watches over his newborn daughter las week, as a nurse tends to the baby.

CULLMAN – From troubled youth to advocate for the health, safety and wellbeing of our U.S. Armed Force Veterans, Jeremy Hogan has an incredible story to tell! I recently had the opportunity to meet with Jeremy and find out exactly what makes him tick. He is truly an inspiration and I want to share his journey with you. 

“I was born in Alabama, but was raised all over the world due to my military father and stepfather,” he began. “On February 3, 1989, my mother passed away and I quickly started down the wrong path in life. I began getting into trouble with the law and was fighting every chance I could get. I resented God for what he done; He took my mother away from me! I didn't think I could ever believe in him again.

“I joined the Marine Corps in 2004 and did two tours overseas; one to Afghanistan in 2004 and one to Iraq in 2006. I was part of the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines, or America's Battalion, out of Kaneohe, Hawaii. 2010 was my last year of active duty. I have spent the last six years getting my health and mind balanced,” he smiled.

“I married my beautiful wife Julie May on May 17, 2013,” he grinned like an opossum. “After two failed marriages, I like to think I’ve learned ‘what not to do’ in this marriage,” he chuckled. “We have an 8-year-old son, Haydin Raye. He is part of what drives me to do what I do day in and day out. Julie and I are also the proud parents of little Miss Sadye Maye who was just born on May 13. She weighed 5 pounds and 5 ounces and was 18 inches long. She’s beautiful! We live in what we like to call ‘God's Country’ or ‘our little piece of Heaven’ which is located here in Cullman.

“One day, right out of the clear blue, I was standing on the ball field at my niece's championship softball tournament. Out of nowhere her coach, Mike Miller (from Oasis of Praise Church), came up to me. For some reason he asked me if I had found God,” his eyes lit up. “He began telling me about the love of Jesus and how he was the answer I was looking for. Mike had no idea I had been dealing with a lot of issues at the time. Suddenly I felt the need to seek him. It was May 27, 2014, and I was saved that day. I will never forget it. That’s when my journey really began. It has been a long two years but I have finally made it through the storm. My family and I attend Temple Baptist of Cullman and we really enjoy the life we have built.

“I've spent 37 years of my life trying to learn and figure out why I was put here, what my calling in life was. On January 28, 2016 God answered that question for me. I had stopped to get a few things at a local convenience store when the owner began telling me about a Vietnam veteran who was down on his luck. He needed someone to help him build a ramp so that he could get outside and check his mail. Before the day was over, I had visited him and begun working, not only on the ramp, but remodeling his home to be handicap accessible and cleaning up his property, too. From there Saving Forgotten Warriors (SFW) was born,” he smiled warmly.

“Saving Forgotten Warriors is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a ‘boots on the ground mentality.’ Our mission is to advocate for the health, safety and wellbeing of our U.S. veterans. We literally strive to personally meet veterans every day and find out what their needs are, if any. I have found that by giving my time and energy to helping America’s heroes, I have gained a peace and strength that I have never felt before. I really enjoy the SFW team and what they have accomplished so far. I pray God continues to bless us and hopefully one day we’ll be able reach out to veterans all across the country.”

SFW started out with one good deed and has flourished into a real live nonprofit organization that continues to grow every day. God helped Jeremy see the value his life is to him; he is his chosen warrior and is being sent out to help those who, most times, go unnoticed.  

“We are always looking for volunteers to help make this happen and skill trades are really needed.”

For more information about SFW, please check out their website or follow them on Facebook at

From there you will be able to see what they have already done and you will also be able to keep up with all their events and fundraisers in the future.

Also, if you are a veteran or know a veteran in need, call them at 256-747-5006, email them at or stop by their office which is located at 1528 Peach Tree Lane, Suite 105 & 106, Cullman, AL 35058.