The Antique Market of Cullman to Close Jan. 31


CULLMAN – After one year in business, The Antique Market of Cullman will be closing its doors for good on Jan. 31.

When asked if she was surprised to make the decision to shut down her shop, owner Beth Veigl said no.        

“This is a business decision. Retail is a very difficult business to be in, and (the shop) simply has not generated enough business to justify keeping it open. It is a tough time to be in a small business. It is also interesting that 95 to 98 percent of my buying/paying customers are from outside the Cullman area. We do have a nice little group of regular Cullman customers who we appreciate very much as well as all of our out of town clientele. We would encourage everybody to shop the small shops in Cullman. They really need and appreciate your business.”        

The closing of The Antique Market of Cullman comes at a time when Cullman’s burgeoning economic growth makes it hard to believe that a store would not be able to make it in the city. After all, the rejuvenation of the First Avenue shopping scene, or the advent of it, seemed like a match made in heaven for the antiques shop.          

The closing of the Market is a cautionary tale to the citizens of Cullman, a reminder that the economic growth of the county is not inevitable and should not be taken for granted. Patronization of local shops is the foundation on which Cullman has built a growing city.         

Veigl will continue to sell antiques at Highway Pickers on Highway 278, in booth 724. She will also continue her design business, b. VeigL designs. Check it out here:

“I have been designing kitchens, baths and anything needing cabinetry for years. I hold dealerships for various USA-made, cabinetry manufacturers as well as design software that allows me to create my designs,” she said.          

The Antique Market of Cullman is located at 220 First Ave. SE. Visit here to check out pieces that are for sale prior the store’s closing: