Extension Office Holds Home Food Preservation Basics Workshop

Sharon Schuler Kreps/CullmanSense
I’ve had more fun with these folks and I will come back for single class I can get because I enjoy the company.”
Jo-Amrah Dillingham, Workshop Attendee

CULLMANThe Cullman Extension Office held its 2015 Home Food Preservation workshop from July 21, 2015, through July 23, 2015. The classes were held from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. each day and provided a hands-on learning experience in the basics of pressure and water bath canning.

“It’s a great class,” said Jim Burk, the only male in the class. “I’m a survivalist. You can grow a tomato and keep it for a week. If you learn to can it, you can keep it for 5 years. The county does this for us (offer the class) free of charge – we are only paying for the supplies. I really think it’s great and more guys should get involved.”

The Home Food Preservation workshop was held at Springhill Baptist Church because of their large family life center and kitchen. The first day the group made and preserved vegetable soup and meats. 

The second day was devoted to peach pie filling, peach preserves, and pickles.  The third day was spent recapping what they learned and prepared a meal from some of the foods they preserved.  The meal was delicious and was enjoyed by all who attended.

“I think the class is absolutely awesome,” smiled Jo-Amrah Dillingham, who drove from Decatur to take the class. “I’m an 18th Century Culinary Historian, and what I like to do in my presentations is tell about the past but then say, ‘Now, we don’t do it this way because…..’. So this is bringing me totally up to date as to what’s going on.”

There were about twenty-five people who took the canning classes and each brought their own talents and personalities. A lot was learned and the group seemed to truly enjoy each other.

“I’ve had more fun with these folks and I will come back for single class I can get because I enjoy the company,” Dillingham chuckled.

“It’s wonderful being around all the folks – What a wealth of knowledge!”

The Cullman County Extension Office is located at 402 Arnold St NE, G-1, Cullman, AL 35055.

For more information call 256-737-9386 or e-mail at gloveta@aces.edu. Visit their website at offices.aces.edu/cullman/ and like them on Facebook at facebook.com/pages/Cullman-County-Alabama-Extension-Office/208455425869717.