Religious Spotlight: New Prospect Baptist Church’s Brother Kyle Ellison

People are confused, and it’s hard to earn their trust, but we do all within our power to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone.”
Brother Kyle Ellison, New Prospect Church

CULLMAN – The people at New Prospect Baptist Church are fortunate to have such a nice young man as their pastor. Brother Kyle Ellison is a well-respected man of God and has dedicated his life to helping others know, love, and serve Him. But when Brother Kyle isn’t preaching and caring for the church, he works as a firefighter/EMT for the city of Tuscaloosa. He has an incredible family that fully supports his preaching and ministry. 

Brother Kyle has been preaching at New Prospect Baptist Church for nearly two years. Prior to that, he served as interim youth minister at Gethsemane Baptist Church and has also served as pastor at Elvester Baptist Church.

“I preached my first message at 14 and my first revival at 16,” he grinned shyly. “I knew from my conversion that preaching was where I belonged. It was a call of God that sent me preaching and a call that keeps me preaching,” he straightened in his chair. “I knew as I fell more in love with God's Word, and His people that it's where I belonged.”

If we will take our passion and zeal exemplified this week by many Christians and put it into our prayer and worship…

Posted by New Prospect Baptist Church on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Even though Brother Kyle started preaching at an early age, he still encounters his share of challenges.  

“One of the biggest challenges is reaching those around us, in an unsure world,” he explained. “People are confused, and it’s hard to earn their trust, but we do all within our power to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone. At New Prospect we never seek to change the message, but we do change the means in which we present it at times.”

Brother Kyle went on to discuss the most gratifying moments of his ministry.

“The most rewarding part of being a pastor is the times I can lead someone to the Lord Jesus in salvation,” he smiled. “I can also be there for major moments in a member’s life, and I get to baptize my dear friends.”

“Our church is a congregation of approximately 50 or so people,” he continued. “We believe in the Lord Jesus as the only means of salvation and The Bible as the perfect book for all matters of faith and practice. We have great ministries to become involved in, such as Children's Church, Men's Brotherhood, Sunday School, and this week, Vacation Bible School,” he said. “We are constantly working to preach the Gospel to a lost world in order to win souls for Jesus Christ.”

Brother Kyle is a blessing to New Prospect. Through him, God is doing great things. New Prospect Church is located at 5805 County Road 38, Cullman, AL 35057. For more information call 205-514-3819 or e-mail Follow them on Facebook at