Mud and Mayhem Collide at Stony Lonesome Mud Run 5K


BREMENStony Lonesome OHV Park held its Mud Run 5K last Saturday at 8:30 a.m. The event had a turnout of at least 400 contestants. This was the first 5K in what is to be an annual event at the park. 

“We do stuff for the community. We wanted to offer something here where you can come here to the park and not have to have off road machinery and still have a good time,” said Park Manager Tyler Lindsey.

“It was a good trouble shooting event. We should just enjoy the day, but everybody’s actually already talking about which ways we can improve it for next year.”

Approximately 40 volunteers showed up to assist the park in making the run happen. Some of these included people from the rescue squad, churches, and the regional paramedic services. 

The 5K, which could be walked or ran, consisted of a large trail with various obstacles with one thing in common: mud.

Contestants ran, waded, walked, climbed, and everything in-between through mud to get to the finish line ending in a giant slide which spat the contestant into even more mud. 


Here are a few photos from the 2015 5K Mud Run! If you have any photos from this race please share them with the…

Posted by Stony Lonesome OHV Park on Monday, May 11, 2015

“They had plenty of mud,” said 5K participant Hannah Kreps. “So that was good, that was fun. The slide at the end was a nice touch!”

Both Hannah and her friend and fellow contestant Erica Moody agreed that the slide was their favorite part of the course.

Hannah was one of the many contestants who has spent time doing different large scale running events including mud runs. The activity’s fan base is diverse, encompassing children, teens, adults and seniors. People of all ages and experience levels enjoyed Saturday’s event. 

“It’s all about people. It’s a community park. We’re a non-profit organization so we try to do stuff that doesn’t take a lot of funds up and people can come out and enjoy. That’s what we love about our job,” remarked Lindsey.

“People really enjoy this place. They come here to have fun and we try to provide for them.” 

Tyler Lindsey and his crew already have plans to change and improve upon the course for next year’s event. With not a dry sock nor frowning face at the finish line, Stony Lonesome’s Mud Run 5K was certainly a hit with the community.