The Foundry Launches ‘Rebuild Campaign’ to Fund Expansion of Rehab Facility

Foundry Recovery Center
It is so much more than just the building. It’s donating to restore families, change hearts and rebuild lives in the Cullman Community by supporting this expansion.”
Eddie Wilson, Foundry Farm Director

CULLMAN – Addiction is a serious problem throughout the world, country and even right here in Cullman County. Everyone living in the Cullman area probably has at least one person in his or her life that has struggled or does struggle with addiction. The Foundry Recovery Center in Cullman has made it their mission to break the hold of addiction for men in Cullman and surrounding areas. Now, with more and more demand for their services, the organization has decided to expand.

“A few years ago, The Foundry Ministries purchased a farm in Cullman County for the purpose of creating a pastoral location for men’s recovery,” said board member Jay Weatherly.  “The Foundry has historically been able to accommodate up to 60 men at a time at the Foundry Farm. However, fire code deficiencies have forced the Foundry to lower its daily occupancy levels from 60 to 45 residents, and examine long term facility needs.”

There is a plan in the works, however, that Weatherly says will help the organization to help even more people.

“As a result, the Foundry has developed an exciting and much needed plan, the Rebuild Campaign, to develop new dormitory and dining facilities at the Foundry Farm,” said Weatherly. “This will allow the Foundry to increase resident capacity to 80 men.”

The phase will take place in two separate phases, with phase one being a 1.1 million dollar project to expand the men’s dormitories, put in fire systems, furnish and operate them. Phase 2 of the project will cost approximately $600,000, with the money going to upgrade the kitchen and dining facilities. Farm Director Eddie Wilson says that God’s timing is perfect for this expansion and there is no shortage of space for it.

“At any given time we have 45 men on the farm,” said Wilson. “And there are a lot more that need our help. So with 60 acres here, we have plenty of room to expand and help more men get to recovery. This is something we have always wanted to do.”

Wilson also said that the need for more occupancy is great because the problem of addiction in the area is a serious one.

“I think it’s bigger than most people realize,” he said. “I would say right now within a 50-mile radius, at least 50 percent of the people in our program are from Cullman or a close by county. So this area being so centrally located, the Cullman Farm gives people a chance to go somewhere close to home.”

The Foundry Recovery Center has helped many men kick their addiction to drugs and alcohol and hopes to do even more with this expansion. According to their website, the statistical truth is that Cullman loses one citizen every month to addiction and the state loses approximately 853 people per year. This is why Wilson states that donating to the Rebuild Campaign is more than just giving to build a structure; it is giving to rebuild lives.”

“It is so much more than just the building,” said Wilson. “It’s donating to restore families, change hearts and rebuild lives in the Cullman community by supporting this expansion.”

More information on the Rebuild Campaign can be found at or by calling Doug White at 256-390-2200.