Serra Visser Nissan Sponsors Easter Scavenger Hunt


CULLMAN – Starting around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 4, people participating in Serra Visser Nissan’s Easter Extravaganza will receive Facebook messages giving them their first hint on where their first destination is. This will start the competitors off on a trip around the city of Cullman, throughout which will involve numerous local businesses. 

Keith Rudder, a sales professional at Serra Visser Nissan, is the man behind this event.

With experience in grass-roots promotion and 15 years in the automotive industry, Rudder decided to use that experience to benefit his business, as well as other small businesses throughout the Cullman community. 

Rudder explained how this event will create foot traffic in local shops and hopefully more business. 

“What happens during the time around Easter,” Rudder explained, “is that people are drawn away from stores and stuff, which really chokes local businesses.”

Rudder has gotten over 20 sponsors to team up with him for this event, which is starting on a smaller scale, but Rudder hopes will grow after this year. “This is really meant to highlight local businesses,” Rudder said.

As far as the logistics of the event go, Rudder is capping the number of adults that can  participate at 200.

There are currently 79 people who have RSVPed through Facebook, which is where all of the information and hints will be made available for the event. Rudder said that, while there will be driving involved, it will only be within the Cullman city-limits.

The event should last for around 2-4 hours, according to Rudder, depending on how long each competitor stays at each business.

Also, if participants just can’t figure out the next spot, Rudder said his wife will be logged onto his Facebook from a separate location, and will provide a hint to those who are stuck through Facebook Messenger. 

The event will yield valuable prizes to the winners, as well as trinkets and knick-knacks for children along the way.

“We have prizes involving high quality jewelry, as well as costume jewelry for the kids. We have gift certificates to restaurants,” Rudder said. There are many other types of prizes as well that are not to be revealed just yet. 

To participate in the event, visit the Facebook event page ‘Keith Rudder At Serra Visser Nissan Easter Extravaganza!’