The Log Cabin Store

Photos By: Roger Holmes

PHELAN – The Log Cabin Store, once located in Phelan, was built on land that was originally purchased from Wilhelmina “Minnie” Schaefers way back in 1927. Claud Mullins, a neighbor to the Schaefers family, bought the store for his daughter who had planned to open up a café and BBQ pit there. Mr. Mullins built the store, which looked just like a log cabin. It faced Highway 31, which was also known as the Bee Line Highway.

Unfortunately, the café and BBQ pit dreams were short lived for some reason, and the Mullins family rented the building out. To the family’s shock and horror, it became a dance hall and speak-easy. Even worse, it was during prohibition in the early 1930s. It is said the Mullins family, along with their neighbors, were very disgusted with all the terrible troubles the speak-easy caused and forbade their children from going anywhere near it.

The Log Cabin Store has been used for many different things over the years. At one time it was used as a grocery store, as well as the residence for its owner, Mrs. Vester Mullins Young, daughter of Claud Mullins. Eventually she turned the place into a beauty shop and continued to live in the resident part of the building.

In 1952, Mr. Elmer Moore purchased the Log Cabin Store and used it as another grocery store for a short time. Eventually Mr. Glen Moore and his wife purchased the store and reopened it. This time it was used as a gas station and convenience store. Later, when Glen passed away, his wife continued living in a small white house right behind the cabin. The Moores finally sold the Log Cabin Store around 1993 but they kept the two houses that were located behind the cabin.

The Log Cabin Store had its very own unique look, and the older it got, the more interesting people found it. It became a well-known landmark in the Phelan area. It was, and still is, used as a reference point when giving directions to people in the area.

Sadly, the old original building no longer exists. It was torn down and another building was built in its place. The new building served as a couple different businesses before settling into what it is today – Cabin Fever Beverages. From speak-easy to liquor store, Log Cabin to Cabin Fever, the beloved place is here to stay.