Robert E. McGukin Civic Center Gets a Facelift


CULLMAN – The Robert E. McGukin Civic Center, better known as the Cullman Civic Center, is getting a facelift. After more than 30 years, the place is becoming more modern, hip and aesthetically beautiful. Even though the reconstruction still has a way to go, the staff is excited and can’t wait for the rest of the community to see what’s new.   

“The Civic Center was constructed, I think, in 1979 and was long overdue for renovations,” said Civic Center Manager Karen Seybold. “We are excited for people to come by and check out the facility and all the added amenities.”

The Civic Center has maintained the same look ever since it was first built, sporting only very few minor changes over the years. People will be thrilled with the new look and added updates the place will have soon.

“We have been renovating the Civic Center since the latter part of October,” Seybold began. “We have repainted the classrooms, taken down the blackboards and replaced them with pull down screens and complete audio visual equipment. The ceilings have been replaced with new lighting; the floors to be done a little later on. The auditorium has been repainted; projectors and two large screens have been added along with a new sound system and new stage lighting.”

As exciting as all this sounds, there is still more improvements to come.

“We will be adding a hospitality room where people can come in and snack, eat lunch and use the free Wi-Fi,” Seybold continued. “We will be adding a conference/board room complete with kitchen. The old quarry tile flooring in the lobby has been replaced with polished concrete. The lobby also has new ceiling tiles and accent lighting. We will be revamping the balcony with new seating, redoing the front offices later on as well. As a result, people will be able to rent comfortable space with all the modern conveniences they would need,” she smiled warmly. 

Due to all the improvements, naturally, the rates may be changing once finished. There will be an extra charge for the use of the audiovisual equipment, and if necessary, one of the Civic Center’s staff members to control it. There is no set amount for the additional fees just yet, but keep in mind they will come once the updates are complete.

People interested in renting should call and give the people at the Civic Center a list of their needs and they will be happy to work up a price for them, even bundling prices if possible. The Civic Center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, unless they have rentals. Saturday and Sunday hours vary depending on rentals. 

The Civic Center is located at 510 5th Street Southwest, Cullman, AL 35055. They can be reached by calling 256-734-9157 or by visiting their website. Also, make sure to follow them on Facebook.