Former employee now New Owner of Cutie Patooties

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CULLMAN – There are some stores in Cullman that are old favorites. Establishments that have been around for years and everyone knows the place you are referring to when you bring up the name. Cutie Patooties, is one such place, and after years of business is still going strong, but under new ownership.

Lindsay Mccroy, 24, a one-time employee of Cutie Patooties, took ownership a mere two months ago.

“I worked here around two years ago,” said Mccroy. “So I knew the business. I’ve always wanted to own my own retail business. So when I saw that she was selling, I kind of jumped at the chance. My husband is also all about it; he wanted me to snatch it up.”

Cutie Patooties is known for its adorable boutique kid’s fashion, and selling the trendiest clothes for babies up to grade school children. Mccroy said that she has always loved shopping at the store, and plans to keep the public’s favorite brands, but does have a few additions she wants to add in.

“I want to offer a few more things that are on the lower end of the boutique price range,” said Mccroy. “Everyone that comes here loves the merchandise, but some items are pricey, so I am hoping to offer some more affordably priced items.”

In addition to putting a few more moderately priced items on the rack, Mccroy is adding new types of merchandise as well.

“I have added a whole new section of baby shower gift items, shampoos and lotions,” she said. “We have new sleep sacks that close with magnets, not buttons. Very handy for new parents, and we also have receiving blankets, bibs and lots of new things that are perfect for gifts. I just want to offer something for everyone, and meet more of my customer’s needs.”

Being a 24-year-old small business owner is an impressive thing in and of itself, but it can have its drawbacks.

“Some people just don’t know what to think,” Mccroy said with a laugh. “No one can believe I am the owner at 24. It’s understandable though, because owning your own business is scary. I love it though. It allows me to work, but I can bring my kids here. It offers some flexibility that other jobs don’t.”

Cutie Patooties will continue to offer great boutique fashions for the Cullman community. All the brands you love, and now there is even more to choose from. Lindsay Mccroy might be young, but she is a smart and driven person who is determined to keep the store alive and well.

“I just want everyone to know that we’re open and ready to serve everyone in the community. We are so happy to own a great store like Cutie Patooties and look forward to selling the same great brands, but also making it our own.”