Hanceville’s Haunted House Scares the Community!…and Benefits a Great Cause


HANCEVILLE – Deep in the heart of Hanceville something very strange, utterly bizarre and downright creepy is going on. Down on Commercial Street, behind the old Armory, spooky things are going on inside that will make your hair stand on end. Ear piercing screams can be heard all over the neighborhood and if you look closely, you just may see a ghost covered in blood or a zombie, half mutilated, dashing through the parking area looking for fresh meat. If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m talking about Hanceville’s Haunted House!

“I would say it’s scary,” said Sabrina Nail, haunted house creator. “I try to get scenes from all the newer movies in there, but it’s more or less for fun, and to try and keep the kids off the street. We have some really good actors and stuff like that, and that really helps pull it off. All we’ve received is compliments on it,” she smiled happily. “So far we’re progressing each time and all the money we raise will go to the City Parks & Recreation and more things that we could put on for kids. It’s just a lot of fun.”

The haunted house looks rather small from the outside, but once you go inside, you get the feeling it will never end! The path through the place twists and turns in all directions. Mirrors are everywhere and add the perfect amount of confusion to its many thrills, chills and surprises.

“This will be our first full year,” explained Nail. “We only did it one weekend last year, but we had such a good response, we had to build on that. So yeah, this is our first year and we plan to keep adding to it in the years to come. If you come, prepare to be amazed and scared!”

The haunted house is not for the faint of heart. Those who go must be the bravest of the brave – the cream of the crop. It’s not for children 6 years old or younger. Those with a heart condition better stay away…. Its way to scary to even think about!

“Sabrina has done an immaculate job on the haunted house – that was her brain storm,” said Margie Knight, community volunteer. “There are a lot of rules we have put down for certain age groups here at the haunted house to protect the younger children from getting too scared,” she smiled mischievously.

Hanceville’s Haunted House is open every Friday and Saturday night in October from 6-10 p.m. Admission is $5 per person. Remember, no children under the age of 6 are permitted inside. The haunted house is located at 902 Commercial St. NE, Hanceville, AL 35077. Keep in mind, all proceeds from the house go right back to the community, so go out and have a great evening. And watch out for the guy with the chainsaw!