October 20 Deadline for Voter Registration Approaching


MONTGOMERY – Secretary of State Jim Bennett today (Friday) reminded Alabama residents that October 20 is the deadline to register to vote for the November 4 General Election.


Eligible non-voters may download a registration form online at www.alabamavotes.gov to mail to their local boards of registrars’ office or visit the registrars’ office in person during their office hours.


"Alabama has almost 3 million voters but we would encourage even greater participation," Bennett said. "Sometimes only a few votes can decide who wins or loses an election."


Bennett also urged current voters who have moved since the last election to update their addresses with registrars. A form for that purpose may also be downloaded at http://www.alabamavotes.gov/. Some voters may find they have been moved to another polling place or their legislators may have changed due to redistricting.


Bennett said this will also be the first General Election where Alabama’s new photo ID law will be in effect. The requirement has already been used for the Primary and Primary Runoff elections earlier this year.


"We want everyone that does not have a driver’s license, non-driver ID, or any other government or state-issued photo identification to get one for free at their local boards of registrars," said Bennett. The Secretary of State’s Office is also sending out mobile photo units across the state to make the process accessible.


A voter may receive a photo voter ID at any point during the time leading up to the election, even on Election Day. If a voter is required to vote a provisional ballot due to lack of a photo ID, the voter has until the Friday following the election to get a photo ID and provide it to the board of registrars.


For voters who will be out of town on Election Day or otherwise qualify for an absentee ballot, the deadline to make an application is October 30th. Absentee voter applications can be obtained by contacting the Absentee Election Manager in your county.


Voters can view sample ballots at www.alabamavotes.gov and also click a link to the Fair Ballot Commission website where they can read more about the five statewide Constitutional Amendments which will also appear on the ballot November 4.


To learn more about registration or absentee voting, please visit www.alabamavotes.gov. To learn more about the photo voter ID requirements, visit http://www.alabamavoterid.com/ or call 1-800-274-VOTE.