PREP FOOTBALL: Eagles Overtake Hawks in Homecoming Victory


DANVILLE – The Vinemont Eagles had an explosive game against the Danville Hawks Friday night at Mark Smothers Stadium as the Eagles led their school to a 45-26 homecoming victory.


Danville’s offense slacked in the first quarter of the game when their quarterback fumbled the ball minutes into the game and Vinemont was able to recover, giving them the upper hand. The Hawk’s offense continued to exploit weakness when an incomplete pass was thrown and was intercepted by Vinemont’s defensive safety and offensive quarterback, Garret Boland. Although the Eagles received a multitude of penalties in the first quarter of the game, they were able to score a total three touchdowns, earning them the rightfully deserved score of 19-0.


Vinemont continued their splurge of numerous touchdowns in the second quarter of the game when Boland passed the ball to the Eagle’s senior tight end, Blake Melton, who successfully received the ball and hustled through two tackles to gain his team a twenty-three yard touchdown. Bo Wright was also able to put up six more after the Eagle’s defense held the Hawk’s offense to only four plays, forcing them to punt.


Danville quickly responded to the Eagle’s intimidating offense and defense with two touchdowns almost simultaneously with a sixty-six yard touchdown by Drake Sapp at the end of the second quarter and a forty-four yard kickoff return touchdown by Ryan Self at the start of the third quarter, upping the score to 39-20, Vinemont still in the lead.


Danville’s offense lost their glory when a series of penalties and an incomplete pass were called on them in the last couple of minutes in the third quarter. 


The fourth, and final, quarter of the game was a roller coaster for both teams as the Eagle’s scored soon after the quarter began but were later held by the Hawk’s defense, forcing them to punt. The Hawks started out with another series of penalties called against the offense. They were able to quickly shake off their errors and completed the final touchdown of the game, ending the fight against Vinemont with a 45-26 victory for the Eagles.