Devil Dawgs Food Truck: Don’t Miss Out on a One of a Kind Dog!


CULLMAN – A new way of eating has been taking Cullman by storm. People all over Cullman are raving about the new food truck craze. The convenience and variety it brings seems to be the main points that people are talking about. These trucks have excellent food at great prices, and that is something the food truck business Devil Dawgs wants to keep.


Devil Dawgs is a food truck that you may have already seen around town or at Memorial Park. Their logo is a bulldog with the well-known Marine Corps motto “Semper Fi” on his arm. This comes from the owner; Joe Brown’s 20 years of service to the Marines. Joe’s plans for retirement have become a reality with his small business according to his wife, Pat Brown.


“We actually got started in Camp Pendleton,” she said. “My husband is a Marine, so that is how we got the name ‘Devil Dawgs’, and we moved back here to Cullman and we have been going since. We’ve been around for about seven years now.”


The food will hit any craving you can think of and more. From fried Oreos and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to burgers and hotdogs, they have a unique spin on their dishes, and they are all sure to please. One item on the menu may sound simple, but after a sip of Devil Dawgs’ fresh lemonade, you will wonder why you ever got lemonade anywhere else. Their perfect combination of sweet and sour hits the taste buds just right and offers refreshment on those brutal, hot summer days.


“We have a taste of the fair,” Pat Brown said. “ We make fried Oreos and Twinkies, hamburgers, and we have the best lemonade around.”


After three tours in the Middle East, Pat said that her husband is finally able to relax.


“This is what he wanted to do when he retired,” she said. “Just something small, and now he can go fishing when he wants to and work when he wants to.”

She went on to talk about where you can normally find the Devil Dawgs in town.


“We are usually at Miracle Fields. We are contracted through the city, when they have something going, on we are at their events,” she said. “We also do Cluck-n-Brew.”


Devil Dawgs has also joined in with the new Eat On the Street movement here in Cullman.


“It’s good they have food trucks come in because it is something different for Cullman,” Brown said. “It gives everyone with these food trucks an opportunity to get out and show off what all they have.”


Devil Dawgs will be at Eat On the Street in Downtown Cullman every second and fourth Thursday of the month. You can also find them at many area events around town and especially at Miracle Fields on game days. This might be just a small mom and pop business, but the family that runs it has big hearts. So the next time you spot the Devil Dawgs, pull in and support a local Veteran and small business. You will not be disappointed.


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