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    NASA partners with industry for new spacewalking, moonwalking services

    WASHINGTON DC - NASA has selected Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace to advance spacewalking capabilities in low-Earth orbit and at the Moon, by buying...

    NASA to air briefing, spacewalks to upgrade space station

    WASHINGTON D.C. - Crew members from International Space Station Expedition 66 will conduct two spacewalks Tuesday, March 15, and Wednesday, March 23, to continue...

    NASA statement on National Aerospace Week

    WASHINGTON D.C. - The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on National Aerospace Week, hosted by Aerospace Industries Sept. 13-17. This...

    NASA named best place to work, No. 1 for COVID-19 response

    WASHINGTON - For the ninth consecutive year, the Partnership for Public Service has ranked NASA as the Best Place to Work in the Federal...

    With goals met, NASA to push envelope with Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

    HOUSTON, Texas  – Now that NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has accomplished the goal of achieving powered, controlled flight of an aircraft on the Red...

    NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter succeeds in historic first flight

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Monday, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter became the first aircraft in history to make a powered, controlled flight on another planet. The...

    Cassini Spacecraft makes its final approach to Saturn

      Artist's illustration of NASA's Cassini spacecraft at Saturn This illustration shows NASA's Cassini spacecraft heading for the gap between Saturn and its rings during one...

    NASA’s OSIRIS-REx speeds toward asteroid rendezvous

    Photo: A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket lifts off from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying NASA’s Origins,...