Wallace State’s Alpha Chi Tau Chapter earns REACH status, Distinguished Honors in Action Project Award

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Brandon Smith, left, and Dr. Stacey Sivley

HANCEVILLE –  Wallace State math instructors Dr. Stacey Sivley and Brandon Smith were recently recognized for earning REACH status for the Alpha Chi Tau Chapter of their Phi Theta Kappa math honor society.

The REACH program was established in 2016 to recognize and reward Phi Theta Kappa chapters excelling in membership development. Specific chapters earn REACH status if they meet or exceed a 15 percent membership acceptance rate.

“Since Dr. Sivley and I have been advisors for Alpha Chi Tau at Wallace State, our acceptance percentages have been one of our chapter’s strong points,” Smith said.

Membership acceptance rate ies calculated by dividing the number of acceptances by the number of invitations sent out.

Additionally, Wallace State’s Alpha Chi Tau Chapter was recently presented with a Distinguished Honors in Action Project Award at the Phi Theta Kappa Alabama Regional Convention for the group’s “Peace and War” project.

According to PTK headquarters, the Alabama region has the most chapters earning REACH awards.

In a national press release, PTK President and CEO Dr. Lynn Tincher-Landner said the REACH program was established to help students find as many benefits as possible through PTK membership, including finding scholarship opportunities and increased engagement on campus with fellow students and key faculty members.

Wallace State’s Alpha Chi Tau chapter is also a 5-star achiever, the highest recognition within Phi Theta Kappa.

To learn more about Phi Theta Kappa, contact Sivley at 256-352-8241 or Smith at 256-352-8207.

For more information about Wallace State, visit www.wallacestate.edu.