‘Amazing Love’

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CULLMAN – The spirit of giving this holiday season is surely upon the Cullman community as the Cornerstone Revival Center held their biannual benefit concert last Sunday evening. The Amazing Love Benefit Concert and Taste Fair was free for those to attend and enjoy delectable food from CRC’s finest kitchens followed by an amazing Christmas concert.

The food consisted of incredible desserts like red velvet cookies and chocolate cakes, and even salty snacks like cheese balls and chicken salad. The food did not disappoint and neither did the music. Von de Leigh Wilbanks, Music Director at Cornerstone Revival Center, said that they have been preparing for the concert by meeting every night for the past two months. The concert included several soloists, a children’s choir, an adult choir, trios, a men’s quartet, a women’s quartet and a full band. “We get together and we work several times out of the week,” Von de Leigh said. “Sundays are our big work day.”

She said that the church started praying this past summer about what to do for the community. “Our pastor has been preaching about souls and reaching out to our community,” she said. She went on to say that they have several kids that come to church on busses that come from not so great circumstances so she has seen the lack in some of the families, especially around this time of year. “God placed a burden on us and we started praying that He would lead us to the right people and that’s where Brother Robert came in with the connection to Cullman Caring for Kids.”

Robert Brantley is the Evangelism Director at Cornerstone Revival Center. He said that this is the second benefit concert they have done and that they knew they wanted to help the Cullman community this year. “It’s a biannual concert that we put together and a way just to give back to people that need it. This year we felt like we wanted to keep something here in Cullman. We were praying and trying to figure out exactly what charity we were going to give to and didn’t really have any direction yet,” Robert said. Robert runs a restaurant in downtown Cullman and received a phone call from Cullman Caring for Kids asking if they could drop off a donation box in the restaurant. As a result of this phone call, Robert submitted the idea to his church to benefit Cullman Caring for Kids for this year’s concert.

Robert said that helping others in Cullman is personal to him. “To me, it’s just like the name, ‘Amazing Love.’ God has been so good to us, to my family, to our church, and personally I feel like that’s what we’re called to do, is give back.” Robert said that when God blesses us, it is so that we can bless others for His glory. He went on to say, “Maybe I can’t give a lot to help 20 families, but my little bit might help one family have a Christmas, and that’s what’s important to me, is just helping somebody else out there that’s not as privileged.”

Robert said that there was a shortage in the food bank at Cullman Caring for Kids and that the funds raised will help replenish that. “Last month they [Cullman Caring for Kids] fed about 300 families,” he said. “Everything that came in tonight, it was designated for Cullman Caring for Kids.” All the money raised from the love offering accepted during the concert will go directly to Cullman Caring for Kids before Christmas in case there are needs that need to be met, whether it be presents or food for families.

Cornerstone Revival Center is located at 3151 AL Highway 69 North, Cullman AL 35058. For any questions, they can be reached at 256-507-3415 or by visiting their website at www.cornerstonerevivalcenter.com.