Honoring Local Artists and Serving the Community


CULLMAN – Chamber for Charities proudly presented their Third Annual Art After Hours last Tuesday at TP Country Club. Both current Chamber members and potential future members came together to honor local artists and their artwork, and serve the community by donating a large portion of the proceeds to a local charity, Cullman Caring for Kids.

“We started this event three years ago in an effort to increase awareness of all our great local artists,” explained Leah Bolin, president of the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce. “It’s also a part of our Chamber for Charities program that we started. Half of the proceeds will go to the local artists, the other half will go to the food bank, so we are feeding both artists and families here at Christmas time. It’s really paired well together. It creates awareness of some cultural things in our area and it makes for a great, unique Christmas gift.”

“It’s grown exponentially,” Bolin continued. “We had a great turn out the first year, we doubled it the second year and we’ve tripled it this year. We have about 100 pieces of art. The starting bids go anywhere from $10 to $600 and everywhere in between. We have canvas art, metal art, pottery and all different kinds of art. We would love for artists, every year, to bring things to get exposure for them, plus I like it too,” she giggled girlishly.

Not only was the Chamber of Commerce thrilled with the event, but the many artists buzzing around were excited as well.

“This is a terrific event,” said Laura Walker, a local artist pretty renowned for her work. “We have so much amazing art and talent here in Cullman; we just need good venues to get it out there – venues like this event and the Red Door Emporium. Support our local artists, they are so talented!”

The United Way Food Bank is a division of Cullman Caring for Kids and will be the recipient of half the proceeds from Tuesday night’s fundraiser.

“The past two years Art After Hours has donated their proceeds to Cullman Caring for Kids, so we’re here to say thank you,” smiled Javon Daniel, executive director of Cullman Caring for Kids. “It’s so powerful for the community to be involved in helping those in need.”

2014’s Art After Hours was a huge success, and many thanks go out to the Chamber of Commerce, members of the Chamber and all the talented local artists. As a community, Cullman sure knows how to pull together and take care of its own!

If you or someone you know would like more information about the Chamber of Commerce, feel free to stop by and pay them a visit. They are located at 301 2nd Avenue SW, Cullman, AL 35055. Feel free to give them a call at 256-734-0454 or Toll Free: 1-800-313-5114.

You can find out more about Cullman Caring for Kids by calling them at 256-739-1111 or visiting them online at www.cullmancaringforkids.com or sending them an email at cullmancaringforkids@msn.com.

Originally published in the December 15, 2014 issue of CullmanSense print edition.