TP Country Club: Cullman’s Best Kept Secret


CULLMAN – Imagine long rolling hills and soft green grass, now add shady trees dotting throughout that same land and ponds of all shapes and sizes lay sprawled amongst the area. Built high upon one of the hills is a place where people can enjoy exquisite dining, gaze out over a beautiful, meticulously-maintained golf course, and enjoy special events with their family and friends. I am describing a place right here in Cullman, Alabama; that place is TP Country Club, formerly known as Terri Pines.

“TP is a family oriented club,” said John Hunt, director of golf. “There’s something for everyone. We’re a place that businessmen can go and have a conversation with nobody bothering them. We’re a place where wives can come and have a social outing with their friends. We are a place where industrial companies can have their Christmas or retirement parties. We host proms and have held lots and lots of weddings here. It is one of the most beautiful and scenic places around.”  

Lots of folks think TP is so far away, but it’s actually only a mile and a half from the interstate. Once people arrive, they get one of the most scenic views that there is in Cullman County. Besides the gorgeous scenery, they have an 18-hole championship golf course with all the conveniences such as putting greens, practice range, fully loaded and stocked pro shop. They have the 19th Hole, which serves some of the best food in town. It is perfect for lunch seven days a week and available for golfers as well as anyone in the community who’s looking for a great place to eat.

The spacious clubhouse screams sophistication in every sense of the word. It is available to rent seven days a week. They offer a delicious brunch on Wednesdays and Sundays. Best of all, you do not have to be a member to join them for brunch!

“Membership has its privileges,” Hunt smiled charmingly. “Not only do we have the fine dining, but we also have the bar area and all the amenities that go along with that. We have special events that go on all the time. For instance, we have wine tastings; we will have a Christmas brunch with Santa; we are doing things with the kids for date night. Moms and Dads can come out and sit down to a nice dinner while we watch their children. That is something special that comes with membership.”

The TP Country Club experience is one you’re not likely to ever forget. In addition to the wonderful things mentioned above, they also have a swimming pool, tennis courts and self-defense classes for women. Whiskey tastings have been very popular as well!

Cullman County needs TP Country Club. It’s an industrial recruitment; it’s a businessman’s hideaway and a lady’s place to socialize. Best of all, it’s a family. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and visit this wonderful, hidden piece of paradise, I suggest you grab a friend or gather up the family and go out and see what’s happening! TP Country Club is located at 700 Pine Hill Drive, Cullman, AL 35057. For more information, you can give them a call at 256-739-0720 or visit their website at