Littleville Blue Finds New Home


CULLMAN – If you are looking for one of a kind items and antiques, then look no further than Littleville Blue. Their work and eye for seeing the hidden potential in old items is truly something you need to see for yourself. They recently made their new home in the beautiful Warehouse District here in Cullman.

“We just moved a block over from Lombardo’s and it is a great location because of foot traffic,” said Teresa Duffey, part owner of the shop. “There are a lot of people out here just walking around, shopping, eating and we just felt that we could get more customers here.”

Duffey and her partner, Rena Haga, own and run the shop together, creating beautiful works from seemingly everyday items. They also find vintage and antique items and sell them at very affordable prices compared to many antique shops you might find.

“We’ve only been open since Saturday,” Duffey said. “This is actually only our fourth day open for business here. We had a really good opening weekend with the Christmas in Cullman Open House here. We had a lot of people come through; we’re always networking and talking to people hoping they will help us spread the work around.”

The duo has a natural knack for finding unique items and sometimes transforming them into even more unique pieces. According to Duffey, their process is to go to uncharted territory, and wherever the wind takes them.

“Some days we just say, ‘OK, today we’re going to go junkin’,” said Duffey. “Then we’ll think, ‘Well, we haven’t been west in a while’, so we just go that direction. We also love to get off of the main roads and find new places. It’s a little like pickin’.”

The new space is modern, and the set up of the furniture and art has a wonderful rustic chic feel that is very contemporary. Amazing crosses composed of various items that, while separate might look like junk, arranged by these ladies, they look incredible.

“We love what we do,” said Rena Haga, the other half of the duo. “We love to turn something that isn’t so amazing, into something amazing. We love seeing the potential. We go dumpster diving sometimes, which isn’t so fun, but the result of what we find turns out beautiful.”

The new location across the street from Flavors Bakery, while slightly smaller than the last, offers a lot of rewards in the way of exposure for the store. With two talented and enthusiastic women, the store is sure to go far in the new location.

“We are excited to be here,” said Duffey. “We want to keep things relatively small, so that we can manage it easily, but this is a great part of town to be in. If you want to find something that is one of a kind and unique, then we are the store for you.”

For more information, visit their new location at 100 1st Ave NE in the Warehouse District Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also “like” Littleville Blue on Facebook and receive updates and information there.