Warm Drinks for the Fall

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CULLMAN – The weather is starting to cool, so it’s time for your favorite fall drinks. Get creative this fall with the best warm drinks and enjoy them all day.


How do you start your mornings? Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a steaming cup of black coffee to wake you up. It’s a scientific fact: coffee is better in the fall. If you’re tired of Folgers, try Eight O’Clock Coffee. They have tons of varieties and offer a nice balanced cup of joe.


Another delicious brand is Café Bustelo. This Cuban coffee’s motto is “El sabor que no se detiene” or “a flavor that doesn’t hold back”. This rich espresso is delicious brewed as coffee or espresso. Put a tablespoon of sugar at the bottom of your espresso cup before pouring in your brew. This will give you an extra boost of energy and a delicious sweet surprise in your shot. Yum!


By the afternoon, you’re probably ready for a warm pick me up. For coffee lovers, try a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. These delicious drinks have a sweet flavor with a kick of spice. This deliciousness will warm you right to the bone.


For a more classic pick me up, try a vanilla latte from Berkeley Bob’s. This local coffee house knows exactly how to make a latte with a perfect balance of rich coffee and that warm vanilla flavor. Delicious!


If you’re not a coffee lover, try a warm cup of green tea. Drink it plain, add sugar, or add warm cream for a delicious green tea latte. This is great for morning and afternoon. Tazo Tea has heartwarming green tea as well as a host of other tea varieties.


Host a party this fall and feature your favorite warm beverages! Offer your guests traditional hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows as well as apple cider with cinnamon sticks.


But, for those who want to try something a little stronger, make a Hot Peppermint Patty. This is a fresh cup of hot chocolate with mint and cocoa liquors. Top it off with whipped cream and chocolate shavings to impress your friends!


An Irish coffee is classic, simple and easy. Mix coffee with your favorite Irish whiskey, and you’ve got yourself a drink that will really warm you up. Top it off with whipped cream and brown sugar and serve at your fall party.


Finally, by the end of the day, you’re ready to relax with a warm drink. Chamomile tea is a delicious way to relax, but mix it with peppermint, and you have a drink that will relax you and clear up those seasonal allergies. This perfect mix is delicious at bedtime!


Fall is a time for warm drinks. Cozy up this fall with your favorite. Enjoy!


Photos courtesy of eightoclock.com, cubancoffee.com, facebook.com/tazo,