Cullman with Outstanding Recoveries for Homecoming Victory


CULLMAN – The Bearcats really stepped up their A-game this week with a 28-7 homecoming victory against the Athens Eagles.


The Bearcats received the opening kickoff and were able to carry the ball with a series of carries and passes down the field to score on their first offensive drive with 4:49 to go in the first quarter. As the Bearcats kicked off for Athens to receive, Cullman’s kicker, Matthew Bell, made such a unique contact with the ball that it sent it tumbling towards one of Athens receivers who was not able to get a grip on the ball, fumbling it to the ground for Cullman’s Chase Slocumb to recover at the 27 yard line.


The Bearcats scored only 25 seconds later and prepared for their second kickoff of the game. Bell was once again able to kick the ball at the perfect angle and was fumbled by another of Athens’ receivers to be recovered by Sam Calligaris, preventing the Eagle’s offense from taking over.


A minute and a half later, the Bearcats rushed the ball in for a third touchdown within the first quarter of the game, the score at the end of the first half 21-0.


With seven seconds to go in the first half of the game, Ross Crocker received the snap and passed the ball to a wide-opened Owen Lovell, bringing the ball in for the final touchdown of the half, the score 28-0.


Athens’ first drive of the fourth quarter made up for their earlier mistakes. Quarterback John Bachus passed the ball quickly to their wide receiver, Terrance Watkins, who was able to run the ball in for an 88 yard touchdown for his team.


A valiant effort was made by Ethan McMinn of the Cullman Bearcats who intercepted Bachus’ pass to Watkins on their third drive of the fourth quarter and ran the ball in for a 70 yard touchdown, only to be called as a penalty against the Bearcats.


The clock ran out on the Eagles, leaving them with a devastating defeat against the Bearcats, the final score 28-7, a homecoming victory Cullman will be talking about for years to come.