The Creators Place Offers Natural Remedies in Downtown Cullman


CULLMAN – The Creators Place held its grand opening last Friday afternoon. This unique store is located in downtown Cullman across from First Community Bank. It carries everything from herbs to jewelry and certainly has something for all ages and styles.


The Creators Place offers unique finds to Cullman. Owners Brenda and Sean McClernan are proud to open this distinctive store.


“The Creators Place is a different kind of store,” says Brenda. “We have handmade jewelry of all kinds. We also carry bulk teas, culinary herbs and medicinal herbs as well as aromatherapy oils and fragrance oils.”


The McClernans believe The Creators Place will offer diversity to citizens of Cullman.


“We’re definitely a different store,” Brenda says. “Everything from the products to the smells sets us apart.”


And she’s right. When you walk in this bohemian style store, bright colors will catch your eye while a fresh bouquet of aromas will catch your nose.


Brightly colored jewelry made from stones and sand line the room. You’ll find kid’s jewelry, women’s jewelry and even men’s jewelry. You will also find bohemian style décor for your home as well as bags, accessories and an array of teas, herbs and oils.


That’s just what gives this store character: the distinct and delicious smell of teas, herbs and oils. The aroma is subtle, but definite.


But a nice smell is certainly not the only benefit to these natural products.


“The teas are fresh,” says Brenda, “And they have several benefits to them. Green teas contain antioxidants, and one of the ones I carry contains licorice which helps lower blood pressure. I also carry red and black teas.”


For those who love to cook, you’ll have to check out the fresh culinary herbs at The Creators Place.


“They are out of this world,” Brenda states.


Finally, medicinal herbs and oils offer a world of benefits, and you can find plenty of them at The Creators Place.


“If you look at prescription medicine, you’ll find a long list of side effects,” Brenda explains. “Our medicinal herbs are the medicine from our grandparents and

their parents. The oils we carry contain eucalyptus, which helps treat a sinus infection. We also carry clove oil, which is good for treating tooth aches.”


Clearly, The Creators Place offers something for everyone. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check them out today in downtown Cullman across from First Community Bank.