Good Hope Pharmacy Opens


GOOD HOPE – Good Hope Pharmacy is officially open! Located on Highway 69 in north Good Hope, this pharmacy offers a little bit of everything to the citizens of Good Hope and beyond.


This pharmacy is owned by brothers Kiah and Patrick Brown and their father, Keith. These family guys have owned Specialty Pharmacy, located near Cullman Regional Medical Center, for about two years and had recently decided to expand.


“I graduated from pharmacy two years ago,” stated Kiah. “We bought Specialty Pharmacy right when I graduated. My brother Patrick is in his fourth year of pharmacy school now and we knew we wanted to have a new location and expand.”


Kiah, along with his brother and father looked at several locations before getting in touch with Good Hope Mayor Corey Harbison.


“He’s really interested in trying to grow the area,” said Kiah. “When he approached us, we saw this piece of property for sale, and we just went from there. Everyone has been really easy to work with from the mayor to the city council and everyone else.”


Specialty Pharmacy’s niche is compounding, and the Browns hope to bring a touch of that to Good Hope Pharmacy as well.


“Compounding is kind of our niche north of town,” said Kiah. “We don’t compound here but we carry a lot of the same products. We have natural products, vitamins, supplements and more. We also carry some of the OTC compounds we do up there. Compounding can be anything as small as flavoring something to something bigger like making something into a liquid form if someone can’t swallow a tablet.”


The Browns offer tons of products at Good Hope Pharmacy.


“We try to be a one stop shop for people in Good Hope,” said Kiah. “If there’s something we don’t carry that someone would like, we’ll definitely be up for that.”


But Good Hope Pharmacy doesn’t just stop at pharmaceuticals. They have also have a host of jewelry, clothing and other fun items that are perfect for gifts or just for you.


“We just started dabbling in the gift shop items,” Kiah stated. “It’s been great so far. We’re just trying to give people more options of what they can find in Good Hope.”


The Browns have enjoyed this new endeavor, and Kiah stated that it has been quite a learning experience, and he’s enjoyed it every step of the way.


“Working with people like the mayor and construction companies is something you don’t learn in pharmacy school,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed just meeting different people in Good Hope. People have been really excited about our opening.”


Good Hope Pharmacy’s building is beautiful. It’s olive green in color with rock and wooden accents.


“We tried to build something people could be proud of,” said Kiah. “We really like this style. This building used to be an old auto body repair shop, so the building lent itself to being a big open space with an industrial type look to it.”


Additionally, the building is accentuated with repurposed wood.


“My dad owned some property with an old barn that he was tearing down, so we wanted to use its old wood.”


The Browns are excited to bring a pharmacy to Good Hope, and will offer a small town experience to all.


“If you come in we’ll take care of you and treat you like family,” said Kiah. “That’s what we want. That small town feel where we know your name when you walk in. If you need us you can call us and we’ll take care of you.”


Be sure to check out Good Hope Pharmacy located on Highway 69.