ADEM Grant Used for New Recycle Truck


CULLMAN – The City of Cullman Sanitation Department received a new recycle truck funded by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) through a grant from the Alabama Recycling Fund. The truck, a 2014 Freightliner Mini Max, cost $135,000 and was 100% funded by the grant. A container fork truck, at a cost of $59,887, was also obtained and funded through an ADEM grant.


The City of Cullman has been working to increase recycling to 50% in the city. However, to accomplish this goal, proper equipment is needed. In order to handle the increased volume, an additional recycle truck and another fork container truck was required.


“We have a 2007 recycle truck that we currently use, and a container fork truck that is fourteen years old and showing its age,” Sanitation Superintendent Larry Jones explained. “We are extremely grateful for the grant funding because it will ensure that the City of Cullman’s recycle program expands and continues to operate without interruption.”


In addition to the recycle truck and fork container truck obtained through the ADEM grant, the City of Cullman has also recently purchased six additional recycle dumpsters to increase the dumpsters which were already placed at all city schools. These additional dumpsters will be placed in strategic positions for city and county residents to use. Another 1,581 household curb side bins were also purchased.

“We are grateful for this funding from ADEM and are excited to get this new equipment out on the roads,” said Mayor Townson. “As Mayor I would like to

encourage everyone in the City to take advantage of the City’s recycling program and help us in our efforts to increase recycling in our community. Teach your family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends to recycle!”


Items that can be recycled include cardboard (if cut into smaller pieces), magazines, newspapers, aluminum and tin cans, plastic water bottles, milk jugs, and detergent bottles. Glass items are not accepted in the recycling program. For further information, contact the Cullman City Sanitation Department at 256-737-7560 or email