Desperation Church Clothes the Needy


CULLMAN – Desperation Church continues to do great things for the community. On Saturday, they held a Free Clothing Giveaway as part of their small group events. Many people from all over Cullman came out and took advantage of this remarkable act of kindness. With school just around the corner, many families struggle to buy school supplies, pay school fees and purchase new school clothing for their children’s first day of classes. Thankfully, people like the ones at Desperation Church recognize this and have done something about it.


“This is our third summer to do the clothing giveaway,” said Linda Stone, church member. “We do this once a year before school begins, and anyone who is in need can come and get the clothing. Each year we’ve had great turnouts.” 


Working in small groups is the avenue in which the folks at Desperation Church do their ministry. They try to find ways to serve the community at least once a month in different ways. 


“We look for and listen for needs in the community all the time,” Long continued. “We want to minister in practical ways and so we came up with the idea of giving our excess clothing away. We hope to help those who may need back to school clothes but that may not have the resources available to purchase what they need.” 


Clearly God is working in this church and the community is grateful for all the time and energy Desperation Church puts in to making the world around them a better place. If you would like to keep up with what’s going on at Desperation Church, you can follow them on Facebook. Or you may visit them in person at 202 Elizabeth Street NE in Cullman or visit their webpage at