Open the Red Door


Red Door Clothing Offers Awesome Clothing, Accessories and Private Parties


CULLMAN – There is a wonderful clothing store here in town that will have you all dressed up and looking good in no time! Cullman’s Red Door Clothing is the place to go when creating your new wardrobe. Whether you are in the market for a spiffy new outfit, a classy pair of shoes with matching purse, or a vast array of bright and shiny jewelry, Red Door Clothing can hook you up with the latest styles and fashions.


“I sell misses and women's clothes and accessories,” said Susan Ashley, owner. “I specialize in customer service. If you are looking for something – let me know and I will find it, especially hard to find sizes in the latest styles.”


The store is not like your average store, this one is located in a regular house. The house had once belonged to Ashley’s aunt who has since passed away.


“My shop is different because being out of the city in a house, you feel like you are at a friend’s house borrowing an outfit – except you get to keep it,” Ashley giggled. “In the future, I am planning on growing the store by utilizing the internet and hiring another like-minded person to help me make Red Door Clothing better known.”


One of the best parts about Red Door Clothing is its owner, Susan Ashley. Hard working and lots of fun, she makes shopping just that – fun. After spending any amount of time with her in the shop, almost everyone will agree it is totally worth the trip out.


“I want to know what you want me to carry,” Ashley continued. “Email me, call me or send me a message on Facebook. Tell me your size, a brand you like, whatever it is you are leaving town to get or buying online. I’ll do my best to find it.” 


Another thing that sets Red Door Clothing apart from the rest is the fact that they really promote private shopping parties. This is where a group of friends can get together and shop. They have the whole store to themselves at a time that is convenient for everyone.


Make sure to stop by and visit Susan Ashley at Red Door Clothing. You will have plenty of merchandise to choose from and will save lots money as well. They are always running a sale and you are sure to find something you just can’t do without. 


The store is located at 3141 County Road 1422 in Cullman. Call them at 256-775-0093. They are currently open Monday & Thursday from 4:30-7:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Be sure to check out Red Door Clothing on Facebook to see merchandise, pricing and sizing. They post specials and sales on Facebook every week, so be sure to "Like" the page so you will get notices and pictures of the new merchandise as it arrives. You can also visit their website at to see what’s going on.