Yard Sale Great Success for Dodge City Seniors


DODGE CITY – The seniors of Dodge City held a two-day yard sale Thursday and Friday at the Dodge City Community Center. Set up like a mini flea market, each person had his or her own booth with lots of gently used items for sale. With nearly 15 people participating, you can just imagine the great heap of things from which to choose.


Thankfully, the yard sale was held in the basement of the community center, which protected folks from the possibility of getting drenched in a summer rain shower and from melting in the smothering heat. Hot dogs, chips and drinks were also available for sale. The money from the food went to help fund the Senior Center.


“This is the Dodge City Senior’s third annual yard sale,” said Dodge City Mayor Tawana Canada. “Everyone worked very hard to make this happen, so if you missed it this year, make plans to come out next year.”


Canada, a member of the senior group herself, spends a lot of time with the group and together they have lots of fun. Sitting around a card table with a group of other fine ladies, she cheerfully chatted and enjoyed the day.



“Come and join the fun because Dodge City has the best seniors in the world,” Canada said proudly.


“If you come one time, you will definitely come back,” grinned Kathleen Fine, another sweet lady from the group.


As people walked from booth to booth, they were greeted by friendly faces that genuinely enjoyed visiting with their customers. Playing peek-a-boo with babies in their strollers by making silly faces under the tables only proves that this particular group of seniors is truly young at heart.  


Brenda Wilson and Louise Sprague had adjoining booths and enjoyed chatting together on both Thursday and Friday. The two have been members of the group for quite some time and each sang the praises of both the group and the mayor.


“This is a good group,” said Ms. Sprague. “I love my seniors – and I am a senior!” she giggled girlishly. “We always have a great time.”


“And I want to tell you,” Ms. Wilson said on a more serious note. “Our mayor of Dodge City works so hard. She works all around the property, she set up all the tables for us to use for the yard sale today too. She’s amazing!”


If you or someone you know would like to come out and visit this group of fine senior citizens, there’s an opportunity to do just that every week. Dodge City Community Center hosts a Senior Citizen Luncheon every Tuesday beginning at 9 a.m. The seniors have a great time playing games, catching up on the local gossip and sharing a meal. Sometimes they even go to Wallace State if there is something going on that’s entertaining. 


The Dodge City Community Center is located at 130 Howard Circle in Dodge City, and all seniors in the community are invited to join the fun. For more information, you may call the community center at 256-287-0364. Mayor Tawana Canada can give you all the information you need about the senior group. She can be reached by email at dcmayor@bellsouth.net.