Fishing For a Cure: Upcoming Bass Tournament Raises Money for ALS


CULLMAN – Every year, thousands of people in the United States are battling a terrible illness. It strikes without mercy and it affects entire families. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a fatal neuromuscular disease that has an average life expectancy of 2-5 years after being diagnosed. When this disease struck a family member, Adam Harris, his brother and cousin knew that they needed to help.


“Since our uncle was diagnosed, our family has helped with making donations and participating in fundraisers for ALS,” Harris said. “Our uncle lives on Smith Lake and loves to fish. Fishing is a passion Marc, Dennis and myself all share, so it made sense when the idea of an annual tournament was brought up as an idea for a fundraiser.”


He went on to talk about how his uncle and aunt have since devoted their time to helping others with ALS.


“Since being diagnosed, our uncle has been a fighter,” said Harris. “We have watched as he and our Aunt Diane use his time to enjoy life and participate in ALS functions to bring awareness to the battle that he, and many others, are fighting.”


The tournament will launch at Smith Lake dam on June 21. Registration will begin at 3 p.m. and the event will start at 6 p.m., with an entry fee of $100 per boat. Weigh-in will then take place at 2 a.m., with many prizes to be handed out.


“ Anglers can expect a guaranteed purse as listed: 1st) $1,000, 2nd) $550, 3rd) $350, 4th) $225, 5th) $125 and Big Fish) $250,” Harris stated. “We will also have door prizes to be given away as well. We have prayed over this tournament, and our goal is to make this an annual event that anglers can look forward to each year.”


All proceeds will go to the Alabama chapter of the ALS Association.


“The Alabama Chapter of the ALS Association hosts annual events called The Walk to Defeat ALS in Mobile, Huntsville and Birmingham,” said Harris. “Our family participates at the Huntsville event each year. This event is where we donate all proceeds from each fundraiser, along with the personal donations our family members make.”


This promises to be a great tournament for bass fishers everywhere. You are not only fishing to win a great prize, but your money is going to make a difference in a family’s life.


“This disease can attack anyone, at any time and anywhere,” Harris said. “And ALS does not get the same medical funding that other more commonly known diseases do, and that lack of funding leaves questions to go unanswered, along with treatments and possibly a cure to not be found. The lack of funding makes every dollar count. Every penny we raise each year goes to helping those across our state and local community fighting this disease.”