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    Plant It: Georgia Peach Heuchera, or ‘Coral Bells’

    Georgia Peach Heuchera, or ‘Coral Bells’ perform well in Southern humidity. / Loretta Gillespie   This charming little plant will soon become part of a heuchera...

    Plant It: Lilacs

    Lilacs aren't very common in our area, although great strides have been made in developing more heat/humidity tolerant versions in recent years. A demand...

    Plant It: preserving hydrangeas

    Dried hydrangeas make beautiful centerpieces. / Loretta Gillespie If you want to preserve your hydrangeas you must bite the bullet and cut them now, while...

    Plant It: Buckeye bush

    Buckeye bush / Loretta Gillespie I knew that buckeye bushes grew in Alabama, and that they had beautiful red flowers, but I never would have...

    Plant it: Show-stopping Clematis

    Grown in fertile soil, with medium moisture, and well-drained containers, in full sun to part shade, these vining plants are showstoppers. Best suited for...

    Plant It: The care and feeding of roses

    Knock Out roses / Alabama Cooperative Extension Caring for rose bushes doesn’t have to be intimidating, no matter what you’ve heard. First off, choose good stock;...

    Plant it: Orange Lucifer

    These exuberant flowers are a brilliant, vibrant orange, even more deeply colored at the edges. They begin to flower about a week later than...

    Plant it: Black-eyed Susan vine

    Black-eyed Susan blooms are typically warm orange or lemon yellow, and sometimes a darker, more mustard-colored bloom with a characteristic dark spot in the...

    Plant it: blue chalk sticks

    This plant is a real eye-catcher. With blue plants a rarity in nature’s green-on-green palette, the blues and burgundies are always superstars.  This is especially...