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    Fairview council weighs costs of park maintenance, talks new senior center

    FAIRVIEW - With the weather warming up and spring sports starting back, the Fairview Town Council is planning ahead for future maintenance of the...

    Finances a priority at Fairview Town Council meeting

    FAIRVIEW - Finances were the topic at hand for a large portion of Monday night’s town council meeting in Fairview. Council members were briefed...

    Fairview Town Council meets, talks community development

    FAIRVIEW - The Fairview Town Council held its regular meeting Monday evening, with Mayor Keith Henry, all council members and Town Clerk Debbie Shedd...

    Fairview welcomes new mayor, council members

    Fairview's new Mayor Keith Henry, Councilman Robert Johnson and Councilman Joseph Black were sworn in by Mayor Dale Seals. FAIRVIEW - On Monday evening the...

    Fairview council meeting turns into informal orientation

    FAIRVIEW - The Town of Fairview was scheduled to hold a council meeting Monday evening, but due to sickness two council members, Henri Derrick...

    Fairview Town Council notes- Sept. 12

    FAIRVIEW - The Fairview Town Council met Monday evening, with all members of the council in attendance. The minutes from the August meeting were approved,...

    Fairview Town Council discusses tax debate, senior center and upcoming vote

    Photo: Ron Stone talks to the Fairview Town Council about an open tax debate set for Aug. 13. FAIRVIEW - The Fairview Town Council held...

    Fairview Town Council: notes from June meeting

    FAIRVIEW - A regular Fairview Town Council meeting was held on Monday night, with a variety of topics on the agenda, including Air Evac...