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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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    Funny Things from Yesterday: Asleep behind the kitchen stove

    Well, winter is upon us and these cold nights sure do make the heat from a wood-burning heater feel good. There seems to be...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Left behind

    In the world of technology, things have really changed in the last few years. I remember when the first computers came out. They were...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: A movie I saw at Hanceville Nursing Home

    After all the family and friends of the patients and residents have settled for the night, things begin to get quiet and lonely. I...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: An unexpected squeeze

    It was great to be dismissed from the Hanceville Nursing Home Sunday morning. If I had been able, I would have jumped up and...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: The small car wash

    Friday was bath day at Hanceville Nursing Home. This turned out to be the best shower and cleanup I’ve had since being put down...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: My first bath in the nursing home

    Rudene and I had good plans for a weekend of rest and relaxation. We were going to go to Auburn on Thursday and wait...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: The BOOGER MAN will get you

    There may not be any such thing as a B-O-O-G-E-R, man but I believe there is.  I know most of you have been told,...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Out of the mouths of babes

    Baseball and football have always been the big games in the United States. We have memories of the great players in both sports. In baseball,...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: A vacation at the lake

    Since the weather has changed from blazing hot to much cooler, I decided to use one last vacation story before bathing suits are put...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: The baptism

    Since I am Baptist, I like to occasionally tell of a funny incident that happened in a Baptist church. A preacher friend told me...