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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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    Funny Things from Yesterday : Drop me off at work and I’ll walk home

    People need exercise. In this present day and age it seems that most folks just don’t take the time for a little much needed...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: 23 for lunch

    This was the first lunch that we planned at our home since the pandemic hit town. We had been missing all the togetherness that...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Visiting with the children

    Last Saturday we decided to defy the pandemic and go to visit our daughter and her family on the lake. All the members of...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: 3 great-grands at our house

    Last week we had a good time at our house. Erin asked if we could keep Emma Grace for her. She had to go...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Problem of remembering our great-grandchildren’s names

    We are now in the era of great-grandchildren. This can be a very wonderful, pleasant and exciting time. We now have six great-grands, and...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: I almost drowned

    Oh, let me tell you this before I start my story for this week. I talked with my first cousin Peggy several days ago...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: God don’t have a phone

    Occasionally, I will hear of a good story that has happened to someone. Some of the ones I like best are told by grandparents...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Mamie’s frightful few minutes

    Robin and Danny have lived on Lake George for several years. Their basement has a bedroom, a bath and large area for relaxing and...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Mountain climbing practice

    Our daughter Robin, who is the grandmother of Crosby and Alder, has been keeping them a good bit this summer since she is out...

    Funny Things from Yesterday: Our last 2 kitties

    The cat story two weeks ago ended with a sad happening. This week’s story is a sadness for me, but a happiness for some...