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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

    LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hypothetical – Bernie or Elizabeth, was this your idea?

    Right-thinking, fact-driven Americans have hit their high-water mark, frustrated with the liberal news media fabricating stories about conservatives.  Every day, since the Nov. 8, 2016 election (almost three years ago), liberal Democrats and members of the counterfeit media have worked around the clock fabricating,...

    Letter to the Editor: 9/11 – My story: What I saw firsthand with President Bush that day

    September 11, 2001 – Sarasota, Florida: It was a beautiful day as I stepped out of a bungalow at a tennis resort where President Bush and his traveling team, including Secretary of Education Rod Paige and I, had stayed overnight. As Chief of Staff...

    Letter to the Editor: Valuing school bus drivers

    The purpose of this letter is to draw public attention and awareness statewide to a travesty concerning a profession that should command better wages. Some states, cities and counties are much more equitable than others, however, some officials need to be held accountable for...

    Letter to the Editor: New federal public charge rule will hurt families and children across Alabama

    A new Department of Homeland Security regulation published last Monday will harm the health and well-being of thousands of Alabama families. The so-called public charge rule also will threaten access to health and human services programs for U.S.-born citizen children. When proposed last fall, the...

    Letter to the Editor: Why should I join the VFW?

    I’m a combat veteran but I’ve got a job, two kids in sports and I’m busy, or, I’m retired with grandkids and church and keeping up my place, I’m BUSY!!! I just don’t have time to join, and besides, what’s in it for me? According...