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Monday, January 30, 2023

    To the Class of 2021

    To the Class of 2021, I applaud you! Last year, as the school year came to an abrupt end, there was profound sadness followed by an abundance of community support for the seniors of 2020. As a mother of a 2020 senior and a...

    Whitmire: Alabama is dead last for open records. The Legislature could fix that.

    You’ve probably heard something like this before: another national ranking, another instance when Alabama ranked dead last. But I promise you, this one is different, and by the end of this column, I’ll explain how. A couple of years ago, University of Arizona journalism professor David...

    Tornado safety tips from State Farm Insurance

    During the peak of storm season, our greatest concern is for the safety of everyone who will be affected by a storm. State Farm encourages all residents in the projected path of any storm to protect themselves and their property.   Despite taking proper precautions to...

    Editorial: Clearing the fog on COVID’s effects

    The doctors call it “COVID fog,” and it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as respiratory issues and ventilators. It is a very real effect of COVID-19, though, and it can be difficult to define as it strikes different victims in different ways, including...

    Editorial: Hopes for 2021 from the perspective of a young college student

    At midnight on Jan. 1, 2020, I was at Goat Island listening to the band perform with my dad and thinking about the year ahead. Even in my wildest dreams, I don't think I could've predicted how things actually turned out. My spring break stay...

    Editorial: 2020 hasn’t been all bad

    This year has seemed longer than others, and it's hard to believe that J. Lo and Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime performance was less than a year ago. Remember when THAT was the craziest thing about 2020? Looking back at 2020 could be a stroll...

    Editorial: Masks up: We can get through this school year together

    In a few weeks, kids will be heading back to school for the first time in five months. Wednesday, Governor Kay Ivey addressed the state informing us that students and teachers from second grade through college will be required to wear a mask at...

    Editorial: College in the time of COVID-19

    Since August of 2017, I've been surrounded by orange and blue and calls of "War Eagle." Auburn became my second home (though Cullman will always be my real home), and the friends I made became my second family. I didn't know how many other...

    Look twice, save a life

    May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. If you remember my piece from last year or know me outside of my profession, you know I’ve been riding motorcycles since July 2018. The number of close calls I’ve had in that short amount of time is...

    Editorial: I miss my senior friends

    The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted everyone’s lives in many ways. Those of us in the media are no exception. There are those, especially on social media platforms, who seem to believe that the media is enjoying this pandemic or even perpetuating it. This is...