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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

    She Reads: ‘One Step Behind’ by Lauren North

    Any time you open a new book, you are introduced to a world of endless possibilities. There are a thousand--no, a million different places that stories could take you. As local libraries begin to reopen at full capacity and access to hands-on literature becomes...

    Editorial: Laying stress at the door

    As a certified yoga instructor who has taught for over seven years, Beverly Dotesy found her neighboring passion in massage therapy. She had always wanted to open her own place to practice and thus, Massage and Yoga with Beverly was born. While her space...

    Editorial: The policies of starting over

    There are few things that we as people seem to love less than change. The disruption to our daily patterns, motions and moments rattles us so greatly that occasionally, we break under the pressure—and why wouldn’t we? As creatures so comforted by our habits,...

    Editorial: Education dedicated to community

    The city and county schools always do an amazing job at taking care of Cullman’s students and with summer just around the corner, they don’t plan to slow down. This summer, both the City and County Schools are implementing a Summer Feeding Program.   Here in...

    Editorial: Music’s comeback in Cullman

    CULLMAN, Ala. - While live music may have been a staple for many before the pandemic hit, it has certainly dwindled to a crawl over the past year, but as many places are reopening throughout Cullman, the lights of many our old favorite venues...

    Editorial: Time to check your wall heaters

    I consider myself quite lucky after discovering a fire in my living room Monday afternoon. For anyone with older homes with built-in electric wall heaters, please pay attention. Even if you think the heater doesn’t work, do not put anything in front of the...

    Editorial: What Do Moms Want?

    Mother’s Day is just a week away and compared to last year’s quarantined Mother’s Day, this year, shopping and planning a special day for your mom should be much easier. All of Cullman’s local shops and restaurants are open and eager to help you...

    Editorial: The guide to ‘one-uppers’

    We all know someone who seems compelled to ruin any and every conversation. I call them the one-uppers. Regardless of your experience, they feel compelled to one-up every single one. They can effortlessly make every statement, story, situation and conversation about them. To the...

    Football field graduations are underrated

    “I can’t wait to graduate in Wallace State’s gym!” said no high school senior ever. After spending the end of last year wondering if graduation would happen at all, the wonderful news came that they were still to take place. The news was made...

    Editorial: 2021 fashion trends? Yeah, no thanks

    I have never claimed to be an expert fashionista, but I know ugly when I see it. Lately, as I have walked through some of the bigger name stores here, I have thought to myself, “That’s it. These people are crazy!”  The thought occurred...